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Brian grew up not ever knowing that there were people - skilled men and woman who were actually hired to perfom such tasks as lay tile, build cabinets, fix the refridgerator, and sew curtains.  He never knew that there were trained professionals who knew color, fabric, and room design.  Why?  Because in Brian's household, his father and mother took on these roles;  not as a profession, but a passion. 

Through the years, Brian turned into that 'someone' that people hired for carpentry.  He soon realized however, he wasn't going to make his fortune in carpentry alone.  So while his career path took him to the land of radio and voice-over's in New York City at Q-104.3, K-ROCK & Howard Stern,  Brian's passion and expertise for carpentry and design stayed strong.  He renovated two houses, and continued working for clients when he could.

Brian Kelsey, Kelsey On The House
Brian Kelsey, Kelsey On The House, CBS, The Couch, DIY

In 2008, Brian's talents in carpentry and media converged.  He began appearing as an expert guest on various radio and tv shows talking home renovation and design.  Soon he was doing his own videos, and 'Kelsey On The House' was born - a brand that breaks down all of the stereotypes of 'the hunky handyman' by delivering expert content in a fresh, relevant and entertaining way.  It was at this time, that Brian was asked to be a guest on 'Morning Living', a radio talk show on Martha Stewart Living Radio on SiriusXM Sattelite radio.  They liked him so much, they asked him to stay!  There was an opening for a co-host on the show, and Brian, having both radio and carpentry skills, was the perfect fit.


Brian Kelsey, Kelsey On The House, Betsy Karetnick, Martha Stewart Living Radio, Jon Costantino, Atlanta Food & Wine Festival

For two years co-hosts Brian Kelsey and Betsy Karetnick broadcast live 4 hours daily, interviewing top chefs, movers and shakers, design professionals, and fieleded questions themselves from their dedicated nationwide audience.

During this time, Brian began to build what would become a television series, based on his brand, 'Kelsey On The House'.  The half-hour short-run series began airing nationwide in September of 2013 on NBC's COZI TV Network, and is continually evolving and growing to this day...as are his two young boys, the center of his life.

Recognized as a home renovation/design source and authority in the field for more than a decade, licensed home improvement contractor and media savvy Brian Kelsey can be seen and heard regularly giving out advice on an array of media outlets. His national television show “Kelsey On The House” began in fall 2013 on NBC’s COZI TV Network and is unlike any home renovation/design TV show you’ve ever seen.

You’ve HEARD him co-hosting a daily 4-hour radio talk show for 2 years, live and nationwide on "Martha Stewart Living Radio" on SiriusXm Satellite Radio. You’ve SEEN him and his work on television on The Martha Stewart Show, The Today Show, HGTV, DIY, The Nate Berkus Show and on his online video series "Kelsey On The House".  You’ve READ about him in DIYlife.com, CNBC.com, The Huffington Post, JS Journal, SheKnows and more.

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