Barn wood: Historic Woods By Lunar Canyon 

Sliding Hardware:  Rustica Hardware

Clock and Lamp:

Plywood & Misc: Ring's End Lumber

Feet for Bed:

Materials needed for bed:  1 sheet of 3/4" 4x8 of paint grade plywood.  One 4' section of aluminum angle.



In this episode, Brian chooses tweets inquiring about weathered barnwood, as well as how to make a basic bed frame.  Two projects that are definitely doable in a weekend by most homeowners.  As inspiration, Brian gets a home tour from actor couple Alysia Reiner ("Orange Is The New Black") and husband David Alen Basche ("The Exes").  Their beautiful Harlem brownstone features great ideas for both of the projects.

episode 001:  a bed, sliding barn doors, alysia reiner & david alen basche.

kelsey on the house

Original air date 9/15/2013.  Run-time: 30 minutes